Anelys, Château du Bocage

For the love of art

Anelys, Château du Bocage


Art has always attracted Cathy and very quickly art became a passion, her passion her job.

Her source of inspiration, the universe that surrounds her, music and another artist, Joan Miro.

His universe has no equal, it belongs to him. It is an ode to joy, to color where juxtaposition, movements and materials intermingle to be born of a certain freedom, his own freedom of expression.

Today, exhibiting can seem complicated for some artists and that’s why a part of the domain is dedicated to ephemeral exhibitions/sales…

Only one criterion of selection, the blow of heart! But not only Cathy’s, you too might succumb to the temptation.

"Painting is not copying nature, but it is learning to work like it."
Portrait de Pablo Picasso
Pablo Picasso